When will Whole India will get Vaccinated?

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India began its vaccination drive on 16th January 2021.

The first program was for Frontline workers including police, paramilitary forces, sanitation workers and disaster management workers / volunteers or that million of workers who were in direct contact and dealing with corona patients . Each Vaccination center was having Covishield or covaxin, but not both ; The target set was 30 million workers but only 14 million got vaccinated getting short of the original target .

The next program was for senior citizens i.e for all the people who were above age 60 and for those people who were having comorbidities and were between the age of 45 and 60 .

My Mom, My in laws fall in this age group and me not in the senior citizen group but with in the group having comorbidities and those health line workers who were left in the first phase ; but I decided to take later on as I haven’t taken my doctor’s advice .My parents were very confused , better to say that they were not in a hurry as we all take time to accept Changes . Don’t we??????

Now, when they heard their nears and dears taking the vaccination ,finally they took their first dose and it was the first step to fight that invisible enemy and we were all waiting ” When will our turn come ” ?????

Then next phase started with the age group of 45 + from 1st April and then on 19th of April ,it was announced that From 1st of May next phase of vaccination will start extending eligibility to all residents over the age of 18 . This phase has to cover a large population of India, as our country consist of major youth population .

So, Under phase 3 individual stakeholders were given more flexibility in how they conduct the vaccine program .As part of this plan, only half of the vaccines supplied by manufacturers to the Central Drugs Laboratory would be distributed by the central government. This supply would go to government-run clinics and be offered free-of-charge to residents 45 and over and priority workers, and siphoned off to states based on factors such as the number of active cases and how quickly they are administering vaccines. The remainder would be offered to individual states and purchased on the open market (including private hospitals), which would be able to serve residents over the age of 18.

People have to register on their cowin app after giving their details and wait for their turn and exactly what we were doing , We did our registration and start waiting . BUT IN VAIN . People were getting vaccinated but all through sources . So many societies merge together and arranged the vaccine shots ,Some for 850 ,some for 1000 ,some where it is 1200 ,1400 and somewhere for 1500 .Not heard beyond that .If YOU people have ,please share your views .

Some of the schools also started arranging vaccination drive , but the cost of vaccine was beyond the reach of a MANGO MAN. My question is that if vaccines are not available through cowin app and people are trying hard for their turn ; HOW come PEOPLE ,SOCIETIES ,SCHOOLS ARE ARRANGING THESE DOSES AND DEMANDING THE MONEY WHATEVER THEY WANT!

Our Society is equally responsible for that as people are running in a rat race and trying to get first in taking these Shots and paying the money which is not required . Few days before , I got a personal message from a group which is run by some authoritative person that some vaccination drive is going to run somewhere and if you are interested please call on the gievn no.(xxxxxxxxxx) .I enquired that this is paid or free ? The reply was ” YES, its paid ” . I responded , This vaccination is the need of an hour and each and every citizen has the right to take it . Why and how come its coming at different rates . It should be free and if paid ,minimal cost should be there . And moreover people are not getting their slots booked through cowin app.

I got the reply , “Wait for few more days ,it will be available easily and hope so free”

NO OPTION WE had . started waiting and lets see When ME, MY BETTER HALF AND MY SON GET VACCINATED AND HOW ???

Now, the Supreme court on May 31 ,announced a strong judgement pointing out the flaws in the COVID VACCINATION policy adopted by the central government. This compelled the central government to make changes to the policy . And now Our PM on 7th of June announced that those between 18 to 44 age group will get free vaccination .

lets see how it works now ,


Threads of life

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A question for you all?

If the relationships are not working or on the verge of breaking due to some or the other reason ,just make a question to yourself ?

IF YOU WERE IN THE OTHER PERSON’S SHOES ,WHAT WOULD YOU WANT FOR THEM TO DO FOR YOU ? CAN YOU DO THE SAME FOR THEM :     SOUNDS SIMPLE ,BUT NOT !!! But if people will try this beautiful empathetic tecnique ,many realtionships can be saved from downfall.

When anger , unhealthy attitude sweeps in we are not in the position to think and respond . Instead WE REACT

Relationships is what make the world go around. Mankind is a social species , This has been true for as long humans have been around , Theories also proves that NOONE can live in isolation .The greatest civilizations in the world has never came into being because of human – to -human realtionships .

There are many benefits that come when we are in a good and healthy realtionships :

Better Health : when we are surrounded by positive and good people around us ,we feel better both physically and mentally .stress is relieved and there is an even exchange of energy

We can become better us : Nothing is better than being surrounded by people who appreciates and criticize us when required . One should always have a ” kalyan mitra “ We can model and adopt new habits and modify ourselves by seeing our closest one doing those good things.

Double our happiness and lessen our sorrows : My mom used to say always When we share our sadness or your experiences which you feel heavy emotionally with other people ,they become half the weight they were before and when on the opposite good experiences are shared  with your loved ones ,they multiply and becomes double .

Now the question arises ,what can a person do if he dont have a family , NO WORRIES ,we can make a family ,extend our relationships .Whole Universe is ours !

Here are some tips for maintaining healthy relationships

*Why we fail in our relationships? When we make unexpected demads ,keep realistic expectations

* Be flexible , rigid attitudes make life rigid

* Communication is a key to healthy relationship ,Talk more with each other .

* Often we take care of others and dont take care of ourselves and demand the same that others should take care of us . take care of youself too !!

* Ask for help ! taking help doesnt demean you.

* Making use of proper ,effective and right language at right time.

* Give space in relations ,don’t control and dont get controlled.

* Respect is the key . Listen ( means actual listening ,not just waiting to speak ) . Try to understand others perspective too, thats the way to show RESPECT

* Trust and support are the two major factors which can build sny relation healthy.

So ,my mantra for healthy Relationship is (threads of life ) is ACT

A : Acceptance ( as the person is )

3C : Compromise , Commitment and Communication

T : Trust and Boundaries

Keep the spark of love glowing !!

Love Deepika

For any Relationship issues ,premarital counselling CONACT RAY OF HOPE (9920949247) oberoi,


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Last few days were a little tough for our family as we were not well . This is not that it happened for the first time but this time the situation was a little changed as having little cold and cough gives you a terrible feeling because after this onset of covid 19 whenever someone gets a little sneezing , cough and fever ;it seems to give a different perspective to the familiar situation

15th April 2021

My little one was very much fine since morning and in the evening we all agreed to play a Board game together but as his brother had to submit a presentation the very same day ,he refused to play and his father also said he is not in the mood to play , I told him We two will play together but he wanted to play with all and started crying . He goes to cycle down in our society premises but was not ready to go down and was in a very bad mood .

It happens sometimes, he was hurt and may be there were some reasons attached to it .After crying for almost an hour ,he settled down and was normal .We had a long talk and he was feeling bad for that . I made him understand that ,Its very much OKAY to feel BAd but sometimes circumstances and situations are not in our favour and the plans we make fail . Its good to GO WITH THE FLOW! And again he was in a peppy mood in which he always remains .

We slept at 10 in the night and suddenly we heard his wailing sound and when I touched him he was a little warm , and when I checked his temperature ,it was 99.8 . I gave him Crocin and make him hydrated and tried to make him sleep but in vain . He was having a bad headache and was not able to sleep and at 5 am in the morning ,he puked three times and slept after that ; Got up after three hours with a high fever of 102 .

We got really scared and took him to his doctor (homoeopath ) he said he dont have any signs of cold and cough and will be better soon . After taking medicines for two days ,he was much better .But for the two days he didn’t ate much . We were in full gratitude that he was fine .

16th April

My husband brought Mangoes and we were all happy as we all are mango lover . We ate after dinner and I felt having a little throat pain after eating that and in the morning my son also felt the same irritation in his throat . I was having a sense of catching an illness and happened the same .

17th April

My maid who has given her sample for covid testing on 15th of April tested positive . I was in a meeting in the evening and that time my husband gave me a message that two of the maids of our Society are covid positive and ours is one of them and we will be home quarrantined for the next 10 days . He brought some groceries and vegetables as we were not allowed to step out of the house .

There were messages popping up in the society group that those families whose maids are positive have to undergo RTPCR . Some families were in favour and some were opposing it. We were also in Dilemma ,a state of confusion WHAT TO DO ??? As throat pain was there , and two days back my little one also fell ill. WHAT TO DO?

But the very same day we decided to segregate ouselves ,our bedrooms , bathrooms and whatever possible .we started maintaining distance from each other .The very next day my elder one got fever and it was high , and the very next I also had . Cold ,cough bodyache all were there . My husband was having bodyache ,no fever.


There were advises also from Relatives that go for a RTPCR . We contacted our Homoeopath ,told the situation we were facing and the symptoms of me and my son .He said LET’S WORK ON THE TREATMENT AND NOT ON THE DIAGNOSIS . He sent the medicines by courier . In the meanwhile ,I also contacted my Doctor where I undergone my surgery at JASLOK HOSPITAL . she told me to wait , monitor the symptoms ,check the O2 every three hours . The very day we were clear not to undergo any testing .

My son had fever for two days and I had for the very first day and the fifth day . cold ,cough ,sneezing Muscular pain was there but we were fine soon .

For all those who are having symptoms of cold cough ,fever , have undergone covid or are facing , please make sure that each and every cold cough is not covid . Our Body talks to us ,gives indiations .please do listen to that .Maintaining mental equilibrium is very important .

I will give you a simple RULE of 3 (R * D )




I have seen people ,when they fall ill ,they so much self pity on themselves that this pityness makes them feel handicapped

Taking rest ,relaxing and rejuvenating helps you feel more energetic .Unfortunately , I was myself ill , So have to do all the chores but thankfully my whole family is very supportive and luckily my moms stays nearby ,so that will be big help for us . But in that tough phase after completing the chores ,I used to rest . For relaxation my SKY sudarshan kriya ,breathing exercises helped me a lot . And we rejuvenated ourselves by playing family games like Carrom ,Ludo ,Word builder and many more .We watched movies together and helped each other . I THINK THIS IS THE BEST PART OF A FAMILY




The most important thing that helps you in recovering you from an illness is your diet . We inculcated hot water ,kadha ,hot milk with turmeric ,tulsi, soup and fresh light food . please avoid spicy and fried food as illness has an impact on our digestion .

Deed is what you are doing ,the activities .Avoid usage of gadgets ,sleep on time and do what you feel good .Every one is unique and one single formula doesnt work for all. Talking to your loved ones ,your friends is in itself an immunity booster.

Disposition here means mental disposition . keep yourself away from any negativity . keep news channels at a Bay. negativity attracts negativity and positivity attracts positivity . I know its a difficult time , I have also lost many of my closed ones , I am really sad and sorry for what happened to them . May god rest their soul in peace .But its not necessary that whatever happened to them is going to happen to myself .

If you keep youself calm and relaxed ,you will be in a better position to understand yourself and take decisions

You can try these activities for your mental disposition


Breathing exercises like Brahmari ,anulom vilom helps in detoxification shavasan helps in calming you down


Cooking (trying new things )

praying ,and having gratitude

penning down your thoughts will help in creating a room in your head

Whatever is in our control ,we can do that ,rest of the decision leave to the Divine .HE will do whatever best and suitable for us .

So dont run for any testing unless and until its required because it will create only panic for you , if your fever is persisting for five or more days , you are not able to walk around in the house and feeling breathless ,your eating patterns have become slower and you dont feel like eating ,then its a matter of concern . Keep checking your oxygen levels .

Make yousrself connected with the doctor you trust and most important dont SELF – MEDICATE .

After almost 15 days we went to our doctor . All was fine now , I asked him that It was normal cold cough or something else , and he replied to that there are 50-50 chances



If you are facing any issues related to mental health and dealing with post traumatic issues after covid ,connect to me .

love Deepika


We all are energy and we take energy in so many forms whether it be water or food .

We all are surrounded by energy and it keeps flowing from one state to another and it is necessary too: because , if the energy gets blocked or static at one point, it will be and can be a cause of so many diseases.


Chemical formula H2O suggests that it has oxygen in it and its life . Its of vital importance to all living beings .

One of the statistics show that the brain and heart are composed of 73% water and the lungs are about 83% water .The skin contains 64% water ,muscles and kidneys are having 79% water even the bones are 31% watery .

Every one tells us or we know actually that we should drink a good amount of water as it’s necessary to maintain our electrolyte balance ,lubricate our joints ,for a good skin ,regulate our body temperature and a proper amount of cell growth . BUT DO WE KNOW HOW TO DRINK WATER ?

Mostly people drink water in a gulp or when they are super thirsty to quench their thirst . Whenever a person drinks a large amount of water standing ,it doesn’t get used by our body ,but infact gets released So, of No Use🙃

The correct way to drink water is to sit down and drink it sip by sip .As water is Energy and we should be mindful when we are taking this energy •

My grandmother always use to tell us that don’t drink water from a bottle, drink it by a glass and whenever we use to come home drenched in sweats ,she use to tell us WAIT , let your body cool।down ,then drink ,don’t drink while standing, don’t drink chilled water etc etc

Now ,I remember how true she was !! Miss you my loving granny 🥰❤

According to Ayurveda the correct way to drink water imparts lot of health benefits to our body and on the contrary the wrong way of drinking water does so many harm •

So whenever we are drinking water ,we should be ‘mindful’ as we are taking life that is energy

* Never drink water while standing, always sit and drink water sip by sip not in a gulp

Logic : helps in better ,proper and efficient absorption and distribution of water consumed to all body parts and the reason behind the sipping of water and not gulping is because of the fact that our saliva is alkaline in nature and water should be given time to mix with it so that it stabilizes the acid in our stomach

* Water should be drink at room temperature not ice cold or chilled water

Logic : The chilled water will put out the digestive fires and create imbalance in the digestion ( Have you seen dropping water on a hot skillet ? What happens ? The same thing happens when we drink ice cold water ) If not seen ,try it amd then start practicing

* Drink water whenever you feel thirsty

Logic : Whenever your body demands for water give it ,your daily demands are met or satisfied when body has sufficient amounts of 💧. STOP when the thirst is not there . The colour of your urine is a clear indicator

If it’s dark yellow,your body needs more water and is acidic ,needs to be hydrated

If the color of your urine is light or pale yellow or white ,the body doesn’t require much hydration.

Your parched lips can be a sign of dehydration

* Drink hot water in the morning

Logic : helps to clean the bowels , flush out the toxins from the body

* Don’t drink between meals and drink water after 30 or 40 minutes of each meal

Logic: Drinking water between and just after the meals disturbs the process of digestion , The heat released in the process gets cooled down due to drinking water

Drink water before meal and in between if you wanna drink water ,you can have buttermilk ,lemon juice to have a replacement

These quite simple yet effective tips which if followed by all can give us so many fruitful and everlasting effects




* Drink hot water in the morning and without brushing your teeth as our saliva has lot of antibiotic properties in it


A New Normal

#An unwanted guest(contd.)

18th March 2021

Today 6 months have completed since my surgery .

After ,I came back from the hospital things have changed so much .I was not like the one I went to hospital 😕. For each and every activity, I became dependent be it bathing ,picking things from the floor and many else ….. The main thing, I missed badly was the touch, feel ,hugs of my little one .I was not able to play with him .

I had a radical nephrectomy and a hysterectomy together. As I mentioned in recent blogpost . It was difficult for me to sleep ,walk sit and eat . My eating patterns have changed. I can’t eat according to taste now , little I used to eat and more the pain .

But ,I thank God for making me alive 🙏. My heartfelt thanks to my Family who was all there for me every time . It was a golden time as I polished myself making full use of it – reading books, taking online counselling sessions ,attending workshops ,writing articles, thoughts , etc • Volunteered for so many and most important I got a gala time to spend with my Mom which perhaps I couldn’t be able to

I have now started taking good care of my overall health •

Now ,today six months have passed and my PET scan has came normal and my doctor advised me that I can lead a normal life

But this is a New normal for me as I still feel the discomfort, pain ,weakness and I know it will gradually decrease with passing time •

I want to recommend to you all that Please take care of your health whether its physical or mental as this is the most important thing which is with you •

The most important lesson I Learnt is Heaven helps those who act


Nobody wants to hear your aches and pains

Whenever someone passes through a bad phase ,it goes through different types of changes whether its physical ,social or emotional and which not handled properly can lead to other disturbances too •

Self pity is an acid which eats holes in happiness


This quote gave me a lot of strength and I always look towards life with an affirmative approach

Written by me

If you keep complaining about your illness to yourself and others ,after a little you will notice that nobody is interested in listening to your woes • So , its your problem and you face it ,So why not happily and smoothly ॰ I know it’s not easy but not that difficult and impossible !

Let’s face it !!

When it comes to complaints about illness , the principle of escalation usually rears its ugly head

Let me make you understand how it works , you tell your friends ,nears and dears about the illness you went through ,they might interrupt you and switch the conversation and take you to their own old stories

People love to play this game – Their pain is always worse than yours

But a piece of advise to you

Whenever someone around you goes through a bad phase ,an illness etc ,listen to them lending an ear ,a supporting hand helps thousands to heal

Everyone don’t know how to regulate their emotions •

I am blessed ,faith and gratitude for what I am and I know –

Nothing is permanent and O follow the simple rule of TTT


Each and every situation comes in life for a better reason and for a better change




Perfection is a myth!

Perfect is a word which is very commonly used by all of us on a daily basis.

Everyone is running after a life which is free from flaws, defects ,free from mistakes . Everyone wants a perfect life, where nothing can go wrong , where you are free from all problems or where you don’t have to worry about anything .This is a type of life which one usually dreams of!!

But this type of life truly exists??

when one doesn’t meet his or desired life which they dreamt of ,what happens ; The real life problems start surfacing.

Whenever people are seeing the social media apps ,couples happily posing each other ,roaming to beautiful exotic destinations, buying luxury cars , they seem to self talk ,There life is Perfect !!
But there is a big difference in REEL LIFE AND REAL LIFE !!
I have seen people which seem to be perfect on Social media, getting divorced or finding ways to be happy .
Movies ,TV shows or even commercials ,news magazines everywhere we look ,people are talking about this Perfect life ! It seems the whole world is trying to teach you to reach you a destinations where everything is perfect .But ironically how much hard you try you still can’t reach there and then life sucks .

We post those pictures on social media which are PERFECT
Grades should be PERFECT
Marriage should be PERFECT
Kids should be PERFECT
Dresses should be PERFECT
Passport photos should be PERFECT
Selfies should be PERFECT
On a whole ,everything should be 👌 PERFECT

In a short, life is isn’t fair or flawless .It’s not meant to be. Ironically, we all know this truth, but we don’t want to accept it .
We put so much pressure on ourselves when something don’t goes the way we want them to be . We keep fuelling our expectations trying to get something precious from our lives and Wanting to be someone else.

What positive psychology says???

Happiness is not by perfection, it can be gained by the strengths which one can gain to improve ourselves on a daily basis and thrive to make better the community.

It is based on the fact that happiness can be derived from both emotional and social factors .
Eating a home cooked meal ,seeing a smile on my kids face ,sipping tea standing in my little balcony ,enjoying moments of heartfelt laughter with strangers ,feeling gratitude of what I have , accepting the life as it is . My life is not perfect but these are some little things which satisfy me .
The moment you stop demanding ,your life will stop sucking!

Stop complaining for what you don’t have ,feel the gratitude for what you have! Change the Attitude and you will change your life !

Remind yourself on a daily basis ITS OK NOT TO BE PERFECT !

Love Deepika

Counseling psychologist


New series on Sony live #punyashlok Ahilyabai

Last month a new series started on Sony live . Its name is punyashlok Ahilya bai.

Its based on the character of Ahilya bai who reigned for about 30 years as a queen of Malwa.

The series has become a daily watch for our whole family. My mother ,me ,my husband and my little one doesn’t want to miss a single episode of it . We even wait for each other and make sure that we watch it all together.

The promos of the show were very appealing, they attracted us like a 🧲 magnet and we started waiting for it to start.

And now it has become a necessary part of our home. It is showing the life story of Ahilya bai .The girl and the father in law has done full justice to the character.

She was born in the village of chondi in jamkhed , Ahmednagar . Her father ( Mankoji Rai shinde) was the patil of her village and supported her at that time and made her to read and write when reading and writing of women was not even thought of . Her father made her the power to think , make choices and give opinion which we all parents should give to our children.

She raised her voice against the evil practice of making girls shave their head after getting widow. And why womens can’t dress , eat good and go outside after they are left alone at that tender age left a big question in her mind !

She was a woman full of kindness, empathy, compassion and love for others ❤

She doesn’t belong to a royal family but her entry into the Holkar family was nothing short of a twist of fate. Her father in law Malhar Rao Holkar spotted her doing prayers to Lord Shiva while he was going to Pune. Her friends being scared ran when they heard the footsteps of horses but Ahilya stayed there holding the lord shiva . He was an acclaimed subedar of the territory of MALWA .He was immensely moved by the courage and her act of kindness that he supported her in many ways when whole village was against her in raising the voice against the evil practices.

Moved by her deeds and character, he decided to ask her hand in marriage for his son Khande Rao Holkar ,and she was married at the tender age of 8 ; which usually happens at that time .

She became widow after 12 years of her marriage . She was just 20 at the time when she became widow. Grief stricken, she wanted to sacrifice herself by committing sati .( A practice prevalent in ancient years where women used to sacrifice their lives after the death of their husband). But it was her father in law who supported her and stopped her for doing that misdeed ,infact he trained her in administrative and military matters.

As a result, after the death of her father in law and her son ,she became the queen of Malwa . She reigned for almost 30 years.

She spread the message of Dharma and flourished industrialization , turned Malwa into a prosperous land by building ghats and forts .The infrastructure of Malwa was changed by the so many efforts of the queen.

She never observed purdah and was accessible to each and everyone’s complaint who needed her. The administrative and historian John Malcom wrote about her abilities after 40 years of her death :

“Her first principle of government appears to have been moderate assessment, and an almost sacred respect for the native rights of village officers and proprietors of land. She heard every complaint in person; and although she continually referred cases to courts of equity and arbitration, and to her ministers for settlement, she was always accessible. So strong was her sense of duty on all points connected with the distribution of justice, that she is represented as not only patient but unwearied in the investigation of the most insignificant cases, when appeals were made to her decision.”

She followed all religions, but her love and devotion for lord shiva was so much which appeared on all royal proclamations along with her signature.

I am really moved and inspired by her character. I do suggest all to see the series along with family, especially make the children watch it .As Bandura says ,children learn a lot by observation .

# Love is life cont’d from previous post

Love, self love, self care,unconditional acceptance

Yesterday was Valentine day ! A celebration of love 💘

Markets , stores social media all are flooded with pictures ,balloons 🎈 ,flowers greeting cards, gifts 🎁 . People Promote love as it increases their business. Since the start of February, all start preparing for this day .Buying expensive gifts and exchanging with their loved ones whether its diamonds 💎, dresses or flowers 💐 is become a ritual for many .

Going to candle light dinners and posting images on social media is become a norm for valentine 💝 day .

Is this the meaning of love?

Love is not ‘I‘ Love is ‘YOU

Love is not a noun ,actually its a verb which means that love should be like a free-flowing state .Loving and supporting our family members, understanding and giving an extra hand whenever needed is what we called as love .

I belong to a middle class family where my father was an Inspector in Roadways Department in Dehradun ,and my mother being an educated teacher was always there for us supporting my father and taking care of us (me and my brother and sister) and my grandparents. They never verbalize their love but it was shown in their actions .she is a hard working lady and supported my father lending emotional and financial support .My father too was always there for her and for the family 👪

They never demanded from each other but their love was unconditional.

Today I have seen couples demanding so much from each other and when their efforts, deeds and demands get unnoticed the real problem starts. They expect expensive gifts ,holidays and expensive dresses from their spouses on their special day and later which they can showoff on social media. AND when these demands or expectations go unmet or unnoticed , they feel unloved and go in an emotional distress mode .

I always thank my parents for giving me this important message : Love is a verb not a Noun .

Its have been 20 years of my marriage and we hardly verbalize our love for each other but it shows in the ways we support each other .My husband is a blessing to me . HEAR the love if you can’t see it and See IF YOU CAN’T HEAR IT

As I mentioned in my previous post love is life ,In Greek there are different words used to describe love

Storge : love between parent and child

Eros : passionate sexual love

Phillia: love and affection between close friends

Agape : the highest and purest form of love which is unconditional 💛 and like Radha and krishna

Love is to rise and not fall down , our soul gives us so many ways to rise in love which is a divine form of love .To help the people who are the sufferers of natural calamities, earthquakes ,floods ,tsunamis .These situations make us to do our best we can offer and the best we have is nothing but LOVE.

Service to Mankind is the service to GOD

Love is lending an ear to those who wants to get listened .Hearing the unheard silence 🔕 when someone going through a bad phase ,or the death of a loved one ,the stress ,depression, rage ,abuse , anxiety ,the trauma which one goes through .Holding one’s hand to show that I am with you is Love . Love is not singing romantic songs, taking out for a date on the special days but it is sharing life with others and making them inspired and a reason to live . Its not about giving a ‘ ‘bunch of roses ‘ but letting the other person feel that You are not alone in your difficult times.

It’s time to step out of our comfort zones, of our self consumed 🌎 world . We all are busy in ‘I’ when we come out of the I and jump in YOU ,then we can understand the real meaning of love. If one wants to see God ,start loving others .Ask yourself a simple question? Have I ever lived for someone more than I live for myself???

People say that walls have ears but I feel that ears have walls .Most of the problems vanish if we start listening than speaking.

Lots of love

Deepika oberoi

Let the Universe be your Valentine

Happy valentines day

Break The Taboo

Shame ,stigma ,beliefs, epistemology

It is a common notion or belief that psychological disorder should be ashamed of  !

The stigma attached to mental Illness means that people are hesitant to consult a Doctor or psychologist because they are ashamed of their problems and sometimes they are not aware of . Actually psychological disorder which indicates a failure in adaptation should be viewed as any other Illness

Since ages ,these disorders has  been viewed as a shame or a part of abnormal behavior. Many theories have occurred over again and again.

Till now in many areas people’s view their psychological disorders as something under the operational of super forces such as Bhoot-pret or the control of some evil spirits .Removing the evil that resides in the individual by some countermagic and through magic prayers known as Exorcism is still the prevailing practice used in some of the societies today also.

A very old theory in History of abnormal psychology which  which believes that people behave strangely because their brain 🧠 and bodies are not working properly (Biological or Organic approach) .

But now after so many research , there is an evidence that body and brain processes have been associated with to many types of maladaptive behavior which is corrected by correcting these defective biological processes which results in improved functioning.

Some school of thoughts believe that psychological problems are caused by inadequacies in the way an individual thinks, feels or the perception he or she is carrying towards the 🌎. (Psychological Approach)

Mental health stigma is still prevalent in Asia . This prevents the young people to find awareness and access to the  much needed help.  Findings show that 75% population doesn’t want to consult a therapist or they feel shy in consulting and some don’t know where to go .The stigma attached to mental health is as old as our  civilization.The World Health Report mentioned that about 450 million people suffer from mental illnesses worldwide, but only a small fraction received treatment.

Between the suffering and possible care was the barrier of stigma,

Our media ,TV shows ,news and movies most of the time put emphasis on those negative news like suicide murder, rape etc which creates a serious longterm impact on humans mind and brain. The media are extremely powerful channels of communication and messages conveyed through them has a significant impact on its audience. Unfortunately, the media have had a tendency to sensationalise and negatively portray mental illness (Schneider, 1987; Miller, 2007) . A general observation suggests that even in India news channels and newspapers highlight negative news stories relevant to mental health such as suicide, violence and inappropriate behaviour. However, several movies in recent times have caught the eye of the public for their positive portrayal of mental illness based on factual information. What was more encouraging is that different movies were released in different languages and were appreciated by the respective audiences. For example, ‘Sharapanjara’ (A Kannada film about a woman who develops post partum psychosis), ‘15 Park Avenue ’ (a Hindi film which portrays a woman with schizophrenia), ‘My name is Khan’ (a Hindi film portraying an autistic individual), ‘Barfi’ (a Hindi film portraying an autistic girl) , ‘A Beautiful Mind’, a true story of a mathematician who developed schizophrenia and later on went on to win the Nobel Prize for his contribution to Game Theory (used by economists worldwide). Many such success stories are unfortunately untold and need to be highlighted. These untold stories can also feature as news stories in newspapers.

A targeted approach can have a better impact as suggested by past researchers in this field. As mental health professionals we need to educate media personnel about the ill effects of sensationalism and negative portrayal of news related to mental health and the kind of impact it has on other sufferers of mental illness

Many such campaigns are run by government, NGOS and by private organizations

Mental health awareness is as important as taking care of your physical health .

And consulting a therapist is not a matter of shame . People who want to grow go to a therapist sameways as someone who learns to acquire a new skill goes to the person who is trained in the skill.

Make mental health a priority and see you will shine again ✨

Love Deepika


Rebt practitioner

Beliefs matter

It was the month of February,”the special month “ as me and my son share our birthdays in this month . My kiddo is a valentine gift as born on 14th of Feb and the name VIHAAN means ‘gift of God ‘My husband was not at home as he had gone out of station for some business work .

My little one goes to shloka classes every Monday .Her teacher and all children call her Mataji ; is a pure soul. My son has learnt so much from her. His hindi speaking, pronunciation everything is improved a lot. All thanks to her.

That Monday, I was not in the mood to drop him there ,feeling little lazy .I threw all kind of excuses and tantrums to make him ready to drop the class but all in vain. He was adamant and with a strong ‘YES’ ,he said, Mummy ! I want to go.

I know , he was so excited to sit in an auto rickshaw as all the time he goes with his father in a car. Seeing his excitement as was showing on his cute face , I agreed and the moment I gave a Yes ,he started jumping with joy.

So, we stepped out of the home. At the society gate ,I met my bestie who just shifted from the society .She also insisted him and tried to convinced him but he was not in the mood to stay back . Finally ,we stepped out of the gate and dropped my son there and came back home.

WE ; me and my bestie met at one of my friend’s house and when you are in a good company, time really flies fast .One hour passed away quickly and I rushed to pick him up ,took an auto .I asked the driver ,”Bhaiya (the auto driver) , if you are not in hurry ! Can you wait for a while. “ He responded, “Ok madam ! Par jaldi aana” (Be quick).

Ji bhaiya” (yes ofcourse),bas bete ko pick karna h ( just ,I have to pick him and will be back)

I went upstairs to pick him up .It took me some time to pick him up as the class wasn’t over .Continuous thoughts were running in my mind ,”The driver will wait or not “,” Surely ,he will go away “,” Why he will wait for me so long ?”.

In between of all these self-  talk, I heard a voice, “Mataji , prasad le lijiye”. ( please take the prasad) prasad is an offering which is taken after the rituals are over. I took the prasad and came down in a hurry with wavering thoughts running in my head.

To my surprise,the auto was there waiting for me .I was really surprised 😮 and thankful  to him. We sat and I said ,”Sorry bhaiya  ; thoda time lag gya”.( accept my apology for being late) He said,” Thoda nahi ,boht jyada time laga diya aapne behenji”. ( you took a long time )

I gave him prasad ,but he refused to take and said  .I am allergic to banana .In return , he offered  jalebis to us which were looking quite tempting . I refused to take saying,”Nahi bhaiya”( I don’t want) But my son intervened, mummy  mai le sakta hun ( Can I take??) Before that ,I could find the time to think 🤔 and answer , my son again said ,”Mom ,Can I take ” ?? Ummm , beta …….  In between the voice came, “let him take “,the auto driver said . He ate the jalebies and relished them ,as they were piping hot and fresh . As soon he finished , he said thank you !to uncle .

Somewhat ,I don’t know ,I was not feeling good and comfortable for what was happening around me . Taking an eatable from a stranger and on top of that the driver was from  a ☪️  religion .


So many thoughts were running into my head,

My son will be safe ?

If something will happen to my son ,after eating the jalebis , I will be the responsible one.

Why I didn’t stop him from taking ?

Do these thoughts were only because he took the eatable from the stranger???

👎 NO

These were a mixture from the beliefs which the society feed in our mind

I don’t believe in any religion ,I believe in humanity . But the moment it comes to your children you become more conscious while taking any decision .

The appearance of that person and the orthodox beliefs about his religion which were showing from the language he was using were quite disturbing which made me feel like that 🤔

Only little difference is there

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