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M     – Master

A     – At      

   T       -Troubling

          H     – Homo

               S      – Sapiens

Anyone can become a Mathematician , IF , given training and proper guidance at the very early years of life which are called  the foundations years of life .

Review your childhood when reading this . How was your rapport with your maths teacher? you loved maths or you hated ?

Ofcourse Maths is an important and interesting subject and has its applications in all areas of life whether its cooking , buying daily groceries or Shopping. 

Research and my own experience says ,it can be made easier and enjoyable if the curriculum and provided the teacher makes it interesting . I did a survey on a group of people in the age group of 20 years to 40 years and 85% of people replied, they Don’t love maths as their teacher wasn’t good 10 % people replied they Love it as their teacher was very nice and  5 % people said they didnot have any interest.

Let me tell you a Story of a girl who hates maths

Mishika was the only girl child of Priya and Ranjan , As she was the only girl she got so much love and affection from her parents as well as her grandparents . Her Mom was a well Qualified teacher but she left her job as she wants to enjoy parenthood and to make her child give her the best of education and time .

As Mishika grew up ,she was enrolled to the best playschool  she was enjoying going to school , learning new things ,making new friends as she was a funfilled and chirpy girl . As soon her playschool was over , she was admitted to a new school for her primary education.  She was having some tough time at that school .

Shes started learning things but she was not able to pick up the pace like other  children. Her teachers were very rigid and stringent. Apart from other subjects , the most difficult she was finding was MATHS .

At home she was able to do the things which she was not able to do in the school. Her mother’s teaching experience  , love and new strategies and skills were helping her alot. But at school she was not able to handle and slowly she become a  thorn in her teachers  eyes ( A Real Eyesore). Punishments like standing on the table in front of all children, standing out of the class , loud scolding of teachers have become a part of her daily life.

One day after coming from the school she was very  quiet and sad. She did not ate her Lunch and went in her Toy room .Holding her favourite doll in her hand she laid down on the Bed . Priya followed her and started enquiring about why she left her food and Why she is sad ? “Does something happened at the school “, Priya questioned . But ,the little Mishika was not in the state to reply . She started crying and told her mother to go out of the room as she wanted to BE ALONE !  Priya become so sad and she got a hint that for sure something bad had happened in the school . She hugged her daughter ,let her cry and said .” I am there for you ,whenever you feel like you can tell me “. 

After crying for almost half an hour she became light and slept there . In the evening she woke up and started playing with her toys . When her father ( Ranjan ) came from Office ,she ran to welcome her papa and seeing a chocolate in his hand she  felt very Happy . she asked her granny , What is there in the dinner today ? And to that ,Granny replied your mommy has made your favourite dish . Can you guess ? she answered ,PAV -BHAJI ! YES ,you are correct my darling .

She ate her stomach full as she was very hungry .  Seeing her eating ,priya felt good but she was feeing restless and afraid of what was happening with Mishika . Priya and Ranjan decided that very night that we will discuss this issue with her teachers and school management.

Next day ,they took an appointment with her class teacher and went to the school . On discussing the issue , they found that teacher was labelling Mishika as a slow ,stubborn and a child who doesn’t want to study  . They got very Disturbed by the teacher’s wrong attitude . On showing the books to teacher which Mishika used to do with her Mother , Priya said , ” If this is true ,How come Mishika is doing well at home “.?The  teacher become little surprised but she was so adamant and refused to accept.

Slowly and Slowly the situation become so worse that the maths teacher was after Priya all the time . Mishika was becoming silent  , stopped playing and her eating patterns changed . She was not the same  adorable girl which she used to be .!

The family decided to take her to a child psychologist . On assessment ,it was found that she had an average intelligence . In few sessions with the therapist , Mishika was becoming better .

Her parents  changed her school and now Mishika has started going to her new school with new enthusiasm and a new  belief that ” We all are unique and special ”

Why Mishika started learning in her new school as according to her previous teacher “She is a stubborn child who doesn’t want to study?

If every teacher ,teaches the way a child needs to be understood  , I am sure all can do wonders. Same happened with Mishika , her new school ,her teachers put a lot of confidence in her  ,that all the potential of the girl  came out. Her parents were so supportive and they understood what their child needs and their correct decision at correct time helped the girl .

Please don’t be after your children for marks and let them compete with themself ,not with others

Understand them ,what are their needs and make communication a daily part of your routine

Never ever compare them with others

Let them do mistakes as failures are necessary for learning

Three of my students love Maths despite they are not good at . Why? The teachers are making the subject interesting , I am really happy that our education system is changing and some schools have already started Inclusive Education.


Ray of Hope



(BIN)ge (EAT)ing Disorders

Am I eating more ??

Am I eating less ??

I want to look perfect , Thin and slim is the best !!

Some common causes

We all are fond of eating good food especially when it comes to a celeberation , party OR when someone is not in a good mood ; he/she feels better after eating something favourite which satiates and elevates the mood. Food in itself is a mood uplifter.

But eating too much or too less is a sign of mental disorder . These disorders are characterized by an altered food inta ke and the presence of inappropriate behaviours for the control of one’s body weight and figure . commonly it is seen as a lifestyle problem but it is much more to that.

If the urge to eat more and less is becoming out of control , then it can be an eating disorder. Common eating disorders Include Anorexia nervosa ,Bulimia nervosa ,Night eating syndrome and binge eating disorders. Eating diorders can occur in men, women, young ,old ,adults ,rich ,poor and people from any race or any cultural background. The earlier these are detected ; the earlier these can be cured. Those dealing with eating disorders can have a variety of symptoms . However, the major symptoms include the restriction of food, eating less due to an obsession of body shape , Binges or vomiting /purging or over exercising due to the guilt of eating more .

What is the Cause ?

These are psychological conditions and can be caused by a variety of factors . the etiology have been viewed as sociocultural in origin .

  • Personality patterns like neuroticism ,perfectionism and impulsivity are the three major traits which contr- -ibute to the risk Of developing an eating order .
  • Genetic factors also play a major role in developing an eating disorder.
  • Environmental factors like the pressure of remaining thin especially in girls , carrying the belief that THIN IS BEAUTIFUL.
  • Peer pressure ,cultural preferences for thinness . Separation anxiety disorder can sometimes also lead to Eating disorder

Types of Eating disorder

Anorexia Nervosa – In this disorder , the individual has a distorted body image that lead herself/himself as overweight . Often refusing to eat ,exercising compulsively and people from this disorder develop unusual habits such as refusing to eat in front of others . The person suffering from this disorder may lose large amounts of weight and even starve himself /himself to death. It is typically diagnosed after a person is 25 to 30 percent below are there :

  1. R–AN –( Restricting anorexia nervosa ) Individuals tend to lose weight purely by dieting and exerci- sing without binge eating and purging.
  2. BP-AN ( Binge –purging type anorexia ) Individuals with this type also exercise and diet and restrict Their food intake but periodically engage in binge eating and purging .

Bulimia Nervosa – This is a disorder where people eat excessive amounts of food , sometimes they eat much more than what is required and then they feel the guilt of having fed so much due to which they take use of laxatives , medicines ,diuretics or even they purge their food out by doing voluntary vomiting . The person is often ashamed and disgusted of binge eating and feels relieved of tension and negative emotions after purging . Its more of a serious ,potentially life –threatening disorder . It is diagnosed if the Binge-purge cycle occurs at least two times a week. The act of Purging can cause the oesaphugus and teeth and it can also cause the gag reflex to be less sensitive.

Non –purging Bulimia is also diagnosed and is characterized by Using inappropriate methods of compensation of Binge episodes such as excessive fasting . In these cases The typical forms of purging such as self-induced vomiting are not regularly utilized.

Binge eating – According to DSM -5 Binge eating has been defined by several criteria In this type of disorder .There are frequent episodes of out- of –control eating. The individual often often tends to eat at a higher speed than normal and continues eating till he or she feels comfortably full. In fact a large amount of food is eaten when the person is not hungry even .

In addition, a person fails to control over one’s eating behaviour during this time .At least three characterstics must also be present ; summing food much more rapidly than normal eating food until uncomfortably full consuming food alone to avoid embarrassment or feeling disgusted , depressed ,or guilty after eating the event .

The diagnosis also requires that a significant amount of distress be associated with the binge episodes ,which Must occur at least once per week for 3 months or more .Lastly the disorder must not be met by any Compensatory behaviour nor should the binge eating occur solely during an episode of bulimia nervosa or anorexia nervosa

Night eating syndrome (NES ) The other form of eating disorder is Night eating syndrome which is mostly related to obesity or overweight .It was first described by Stunkard et al among were consuming 25% or more at a time when individuals without obesity would not be eating .In addition to this patients experienced insomnia and morning Anorexia. NES was neglected until 1990 . It is characterized by recurrent episodes of night eating , which is described as either excessive food consumption in the evening after Dinner time i.e evening hyperphagia or eating after awakening from sleep.

Morning Anorexia The presence of strong urge to eat between dinner and sleep and or during the night sleep onset The presence of depressed mood or mood worsening in the evening or with the belief that one cant go to Sleep without eating. NES is classified in the DSM fifth edition as an other specified feeding or eating disorder.

Side effects of eating disorders :

Are you suffering?
  • Osteoporosis – Anorexics are more at risks due to lowered food intake
  • Taste receptors damaged – For all the taste stimuli (sweet ,salty ,sour and bitter ) intensities on the Palate have been found in bulimic subject than in control subject
  • Oral health – Due to self-induced vomiting , regardless of whether the diagnosis is anorexia or bulimia ,the oral pathology gets affected which is characterized by dental erosion on palatal surfaces. Dental Caries and dry mouth secondary to salivary gland dysfunction also occur.
  • Other side effects are also there like decreased concentration and other cognitive changes , gastrointestinal changes ,headaches, dizziness fluid retention

Types of Treatment

  1. Psychiatric management-
  2. Collaboration with other clinicians –
  3. Assessing and monitoring eating Disorder behaviours and symptoms–
  4. Psychological Therapy –

You are the most important person in your life and taking care of yourself is the first and foremost step while taking any treatment plan. Actively participate and help yourself . WE ARE WITH YOU!!


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A Dose of perspective

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Have it ever been happened to you that the beliefs which you were carrying for any person ,event or circumstances suddenly lose their value and suddenly you realised a shift of perspective ??

Humanistic psychologists believe that an individual’s behaviour and perspective is connected to his inner feelings and self – image. The Humanistic perspective centers on the view that each person is unique and has the free will to change at any point of time in his or her entire life . The humanistic perspective suggests that we all are responsible for our own happiness and well being as humans . Carl Rogers and Abraham Mashlow both have done a tremendous work on this approach .

lets understand how the perspective changes with the help of ceratin examples :

* A family on a vacation fighting on the whole trip suddenly mets with a terrible incident and after that incident they become nice to each other .

*After meeting a car accident ,the people in the car suddenly become nice to each other .A sort of quietness and kindness penetreates in the air .

* After having a visit to a hospital ,when you see so many patients with different type of diseases and ailments lying in the lobby of the hospital ,your view towards life suddenly changes . You become more grateful and optimistic towards life .


These are such small examples ,

Sometimes our beliefs and perspectives which we are carrying doesn’t allow us to grow and we keep on blaming others, events or circumtances for our misery. An analogy for this can be ” LOOKING IN THE MIRROR POINTING AND OUR REFLECTION POINTS US BACK” When you pull the ‘Thumb ‘ You take accountability . You are shifting your perspective from blame to ownership !!

Lessons are everywhere ,its upto you how to find them .

Learning never stops ,Its all depend on the right attitude how to see the wrong situations from right angles !


If the perspective you are carrying is not helping you in any way , JUST TAKE A NEW DOSE OF PERSPECTIVE



A Uniform

I loved ,Oh I didnot love my school uniform ,it was of dark grey color with a striped tie in grey and red with grey socks and black shoes . Other school children used to tease us by saying that we look like mechanic in that Grey uniform Isn’t it ??? I don’t think so , But , I miss my uniform , it reminds me of my school days , which were mixed of fun , memories and carefree days .

Uniform means which does not change in form or character and remain same in all cases

That’s why each and every school ,each and every occupation has a particular uniform . School uniform is the symbol of equality and harmony. It provides a learning environment in school.

The idea of school uniform started in 16th century in United states .Research shows that Christ School Hospital in England in 1552 was first one to Start a school uniform . Some Countries like Germany , Students can go to school in whatever dress they like ; whereas in United sates some schools require school uniforms and some school do not. But in other countries like England and India ,its mandatory to wear a school uniform . In my idea too, a School uniform should be mandatory for all and this covid made this belief much more stronger.

Originally ,school uniforms were introduced to hide the social differences between the students , but they also bring comfort and safety to a child . They are economical for each and everyone . After putting the school uniform ,the line of difference suddenly vanishes which exist between us .Nobody is rich or poor and all are equal is the fundamental idea behind school uniform .Uniforms are also thought to improve discipline and school spirit .

There are several types of Economic Bullying which can be reduced by use of school uniform . They are a key way of developing a sense of togetherness among students and it brings Cohesion .

My idea writing behind this blog is that , I personally experienced and felt the importance of A SCHOOL UNIFORM. My Son who was studying in Vibgyor High international School till 2020 feb , has changed its school to Vishwajyot High School due to exhorbitant fees of school . The curriculum and the study was all good . Me and my child were both satisfied and he was enjoying thorougly in that school but we were facing some sort of financial issues and so we decided to change his school . Thankfully he agreed, as he understands that Change is a necessary part of life and it is the only one thing that is stable. So we took his admission in a new school . But suddenly the Covid 19 striked , One month was left for my son to go to vibgyor and suddenly one day he came from school and in the evening the notice came that due to covid, schools will be remain shut until prior notice and till date they are closed and god knows when they are going to open.

However , My son’s new school started in April 2020 and as we are all aware that due to complete lockdown all the shops were closed . So we were not able to buy a new school uniform for him. And , full year he kept on studying online in normal dresses in fancy colourful clothes . Although , later on the shops were open but we were dither to buy as almost much of the session was passed and we thought of buying it in the new session.

This session (april 2021 ) the school started and the first thing along with books we kept ready was the UNIFORM . Along with my son , I was excited too, as after one year I was going to see him in the attire in which a student needs to be ! And believe me its the most imporatnt part of a child ‘s life .

Last full year he was studying in the online sessions without uniform and you know what after finishing his work ,he used to roam around in the whole home . He used to skate in between ,make crafts and also do chitchatting with us . Thank god ! he never missed anything important but the seriousness that once should be seatable and attendable when class is going on comes with uniform !

Now sincerely ,miracle happened after he has started attending virtual classes in his new school uniform .He keeps sitting when the class is going on and after finishing his work ,he doesn’t use to get up and finish his home assignments rather .

Uniform has again brought discipline in his life !

Let’s hope that the current situation the whole world is facing shall pass away soon And , again we all will see our kids ,getting up in the morning ,taking their tiffins and sitting in their school buses ,waving bye to us, enjoying their childhood with friends and much more ,,,

Please take care of yourself and your family !!

Love Deepika


When will Whole India will get Vaccinated?

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India began its vaccination drive on 16th January 2021.

The first program was for Frontline workers including police, paramilitary forces, sanitation workers and disaster management workers / volunteers or that million of workers who were in direct contact and dealing with corona patients . Each Vaccination center was having Covishield or covaxin, but not both ; The target set was 30 million workers but only 14 million got vaccinated getting short of the original target .

The next program was for senior citizens i.e for all the people who were above age 60 and for those people who were having comorbidities and were between the age of 45 and 60 .

My Mom, My in laws fall in this age group and me not in the senior citizen group but with in the group having comorbidities and those health line workers who were left in the first phase ; but I decided to take later on as I haven’t taken my doctor’s advice .My parents were very confused , better to say that they were not in a hurry as we all take time to accept Changes . Don’t we??????

Now, when they heard their nears and dears taking the vaccination ,finally they took their first dose and it was the first step to fight that invisible enemy and we were all waiting ” When will our turn come ” ?????

Then next phase started with the age group of 45 + from 1st April and then on 19th of April ,it was announced that From 1st of May next phase of vaccination will start extending eligibility to all residents over the age of 18 . This phase has to cover a large population of India, as our country consist of major youth population .

So, Under phase 3 individual stakeholders were given more flexibility in how they conduct the vaccine program .As part of this plan, only half of the vaccines supplied by manufacturers to the Central Drugs Laboratory would be distributed by the central government. This supply would go to government-run clinics and be offered free-of-charge to residents 45 and over and priority workers, and siphoned off to states based on factors such as the number of active cases and how quickly they are administering vaccines. The remainder would be offered to individual states and purchased on the open market (including private hospitals), which would be able to serve residents over the age of 18.

People have to register on their cowin app after giving their details and wait for their turn and exactly what we were doing , We did our registration and start waiting . BUT IN VAIN . People were getting vaccinated but all through sources . So many societies merge together and arranged the vaccine shots ,Some for 850 ,some for 1000 ,some where it is 1200 ,1400 and somewhere for 1500 .Not heard beyond that .If YOU people have ,please share your views .

Some of the schools also started arranging vaccination drive , but the cost of vaccine was beyond the reach of a MANGO MAN. My question is that if vaccines are not available through cowin app and people are trying hard for their turn ; HOW come PEOPLE ,SOCIETIES ,SCHOOLS ARE ARRANGING THESE DOSES AND DEMANDING THE MONEY WHATEVER THEY WANT!

Our Society is equally responsible for that as people are running in a rat race and trying to get first in taking these Shots and paying the money which is not required . Few days before , I got a personal message from a group which is run by some authoritative person that some vaccination drive is going to run somewhere and if you are interested please call on the gievn no.(xxxxxxxxxx) .I enquired that this is paid or free ? The reply was ” YES, its paid ” . I responded , This vaccination is the need of an hour and each and every citizen has the right to take it . Why and how come its coming at different rates . It should be free and if paid ,minimal cost should be there . And moreover people are not getting their slots booked through cowin app.

I got the reply , “Wait for few more days ,it will be available easily and hope so free”

NO OPTION WE had . started waiting and lets see When ME, MY BETTER HALF AND MY SON GET VACCINATED AND HOW ???

Now, the Supreme court on May 31 ,announced a strong judgement pointing out the flaws in the COVID VACCINATION policy adopted by the central government. This compelled the central government to make changes to the policy . And now Our PM on 7th of June announced that those between 18 to 44 age group will get free vaccination .

lets see how it works now ,


Threads of life

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A question for you all?

If the relationships are not working or on the verge of breaking due to some or the other reason ,just make a question to yourself ?

IF YOU WERE IN THE OTHER PERSON’S SHOES ,WHAT WOULD YOU WANT FOR THEM TO DO FOR YOU ? CAN YOU DO THE SAME FOR THEM :     SOUNDS SIMPLE ,BUT NOT !!! But if people will try this beautiful empathetic tecnique ,many realtionships can be saved from downfall.

When anger , unhealthy attitude sweeps in we are not in the position to think and respond . Instead WE REACT

Relationships is what make the world go around. Mankind is a social species , This has been true for as long humans have been around , Theories also proves that NOONE can live in isolation .The greatest civilizations in the world has never came into being because of human – to -human realtionships .

There are many benefits that come when we are in a good and healthy realtionships :

Better Health : when we are surrounded by positive and good people around us ,we feel better both physically and mentally .stress is relieved and there is an even exchange of energy

We can become better us : Nothing is better than being surrounded by people who appreciates and criticize us when required . One should always have a ” kalyan mitra “ We can model and adopt new habits and modify ourselves by seeing our closest one doing those good things.

Double our happiness and lessen our sorrows : My mom used to say always When we share our sadness or your experiences which you feel heavy emotionally with other people ,they become half the weight they were before and when on the opposite good experiences are shared  with your loved ones ,they multiply and becomes double .

Now the question arises ,what can a person do if he dont have a family , NO WORRIES ,we can make a family ,extend our relationships .Whole Universe is ours !

Here are some tips for maintaining healthy relationships

*Why we fail in our relationships? When we make unexpected demads ,keep realistic expectations

* Be flexible , rigid attitudes make life rigid

* Communication is a key to healthy relationship ,Talk more with each other .

* Often we take care of others and dont take care of ourselves and demand the same that others should take care of us . take care of youself too !!

* Ask for help ! taking help doesnt demean you.

* Making use of proper ,effective and right language at right time.

* Give space in relations ,don’t control and dont get controlled.

* Respect is the key . Listen ( means actual listening ,not just waiting to speak ) . Try to understand others perspective too, thats the way to show RESPECT

* Trust and support are the two major factors which can build sny relation healthy.

So ,my mantra for healthy Relationship is (threads of life ) is ACT

A : Acceptance ( as the person is )

3C : Compromise , Commitment and Communication

T : Trust and Boundaries

Keep the spark of love glowing !!

Love Deepika

For any Relationship issues ,premarital counselling CONACT RAY OF HOPE (9920949247) oberoi,deepika@gmail.com


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Last few days were a little tough for our family as we were not well . This is not that it happened for the first time but this time the situation was a little changed as having little cold and cough gives you a terrible feeling because after this onset of covid 19 whenever someone gets a little sneezing , cough and fever ;it seems to give a different perspective to the familiar situation

15th April 2021

My little one was very much fine since morning and in the evening we all agreed to play a Board game together but as his brother had to submit a presentation the very same day ,he refused to play and his father also said he is not in the mood to play , I told him We two will play together but he wanted to play with all and started crying . He goes to cycle down in our society premises but was not ready to go down and was in a very bad mood .

It happens sometimes, he was hurt and may be there were some reasons attached to it .After crying for almost an hour ,he settled down and was normal .We had a long talk and he was feeling bad for that . I made him understand that ,Its very much OKAY to feel BAd but sometimes circumstances and situations are not in our favour and the plans we make fail . Its good to GO WITH THE FLOW! And again he was in a peppy mood in which he always remains .

We slept at 10 in the night and suddenly we heard his wailing sound and when I touched him he was a little warm , and when I checked his temperature ,it was 99.8 . I gave him Crocin and make him hydrated and tried to make him sleep but in vain . He was having a bad headache and was not able to sleep and at 5 am in the morning ,he puked three times and slept after that ; Got up after three hours with a high fever of 102 .

We got really scared and took him to his doctor (homoeopath ) he said he dont have any signs of cold and cough and will be better soon . After taking medicines for two days ,he was much better .But for the two days he didn’t ate much . We were in full gratitude that he was fine .

16th April

My husband brought Mangoes and we were all happy as we all are mango lover . We ate after dinner and I felt having a little throat pain after eating that and in the morning my son also felt the same irritation in his throat . I was having a sense of catching an illness and happened the same .

17th April

My maid who has given her sample for covid testing on 15th of April tested positive . I was in a meeting in the evening and that time my husband gave me a message that two of the maids of our Society are covid positive and ours is one of them and we will be home quarrantined for the next 10 days . He brought some groceries and vegetables as we were not allowed to step out of the house .

There were messages popping up in the society group that those families whose maids are positive have to undergo RTPCR . Some families were in favour and some were opposing it. We were also in Dilemma ,a state of confusion WHAT TO DO ??? As throat pain was there , and two days back my little one also fell ill. WHAT TO DO?

But the very same day we decided to segregate ouselves ,our bedrooms , bathrooms and whatever possible .we started maintaining distance from each other .The very next day my elder one got fever and it was high , and the very next I also had . Cold ,cough bodyache all were there . My husband was having bodyache ,no fever.


There were advises also from Relatives that go for a RTPCR . We contacted our Homoeopath ,told the situation we were facing and the symptoms of me and my son .He said LET’S WORK ON THE TREATMENT AND NOT ON THE DIAGNOSIS . He sent the medicines by courier . In the meanwhile ,I also contacted my Doctor where I undergone my surgery at JASLOK HOSPITAL . she told me to wait , monitor the symptoms ,check the O2 every three hours . The very day we were clear not to undergo any testing .

My son had fever for two days and I had for the very first day and the fifth day . cold ,cough ,sneezing Muscular pain was there but we were fine soon .

For all those who are having symptoms of cold cough ,fever , have undergone covid or are facing , please make sure that each and every cold cough is not covid . Our Body talks to us ,gives indiations .please do listen to that .Maintaining mental equilibrium is very important .

I will give you a simple RULE of 3 (R * D )




I have seen people ,when they fall ill ,they so much self pity on themselves that this pityness makes them feel handicapped

Taking rest ,relaxing and rejuvenating helps you feel more energetic .Unfortunately , I was myself ill , So have to do all the chores but thankfully my whole family is very supportive and luckily my moms stays nearby ,so that will be big help for us . But in that tough phase after completing the chores ,I used to rest . For relaxation my SKY sudarshan kriya ,breathing exercises helped me a lot . And we rejuvenated ourselves by playing family games like Carrom ,Ludo ,Word builder and many more .We watched movies together and helped each other . I THINK THIS IS THE BEST PART OF A FAMILY




The most important thing that helps you in recovering you from an illness is your diet . We inculcated hot water ,kadha ,hot milk with turmeric ,tulsi, soup and fresh light food . please avoid spicy and fried food as illness has an impact on our digestion .

Deed is what you are doing ,the activities .Avoid usage of gadgets ,sleep on time and do what you feel good .Every one is unique and one single formula doesnt work for all. Talking to your loved ones ,your friends is in itself an immunity booster.

Disposition here means mental disposition . keep yourself away from any negativity . keep news channels at a Bay. negativity attracts negativity and positivity attracts positivity . I know its a difficult time , I have also lost many of my closed ones , I am really sad and sorry for what happened to them . May god rest their soul in peace .But its not necessary that whatever happened to them is going to happen to myself .

If you keep youself calm and relaxed ,you will be in a better position to understand yourself and take decisions

You can try these activities for your mental disposition


Breathing exercises like Brahmari ,anulom vilom helps in detoxification shavasan helps in calming you down


Cooking (trying new things )

praying ,and having gratitude

penning down your thoughts will help in creating a room in your head

Whatever is in our control ,we can do that ,rest of the decision leave to the Divine .HE will do whatever best and suitable for us .

So dont run for any testing unless and until its required because it will create only panic for you , if your fever is persisting for five or more days , you are not able to walk around in the house and feeling breathless ,your eating patterns have become slower and you dont feel like eating ,then its a matter of concern . Keep checking your oxygen levels .

Make yousrself connected with the doctor you trust and most important dont SELF – MEDICATE .

After almost 15 days we went to our doctor . All was fine now , I asked him that It was normal cold cough or something else , and he replied to that there are 50-50 chances



If you are facing any issues related to mental health and dealing with post traumatic issues after covid ,connect to me .

love Deepika


We all are energy and we take energy in so many forms whether it be water or food .

We all are surrounded by energy and it keeps flowing from one state to another and it is necessary too: because , if the energy gets blocked or static at one point, it will be and can be a cause of so many diseases.


Chemical formula H2O suggests that it has oxygen in it and its life . Its of vital importance to all living beings .

One of the statistics show that the brain and heart are composed of 73% water and the lungs are about 83% water .The skin contains 64% water ,muscles and kidneys are having 79% water even the bones are 31% watery .

Every one tells us or we know actually that we should drink a good amount of water as it’s necessary to maintain our electrolyte balance ,lubricate our joints ,for a good skin ,regulate our body temperature and a proper amount of cell growth . BUT DO WE KNOW HOW TO DRINK WATER ?

Mostly people drink water in a gulp or when they are super thirsty to quench their thirst . Whenever a person drinks a large amount of water standing ,it doesn’t get used by our body ,but infact gets released So, of No Use🙃

The correct way to drink water is to sit down and drink it sip by sip .As water is Energy and we should be mindful when we are taking this energy •

My grandmother always use to tell us that don’t drink water from a bottle, drink it by a glass and whenever we use to come home drenched in sweats ,she use to tell us WAIT , let your body cool।down ,then drink ,don’t drink while standing, don’t drink chilled water etc etc

Now ,I remember how true she was !! Miss you my loving granny 🥰❤

According to Ayurveda the correct way to drink water imparts lot of health benefits to our body and on the contrary the wrong way of drinking water does so many harm •

So whenever we are drinking water ,we should be ‘mindful’ as we are taking life that is energy

* Never drink water while standing, always sit and drink water sip by sip not in a gulp

Logic : helps in better ,proper and efficient absorption and distribution of water consumed to all body parts and the reason behind the sipping of water and not gulping is because of the fact that our saliva is alkaline in nature and water should be given time to mix with it so that it stabilizes the acid in our stomach

* Water should be drink at room temperature not ice cold or chilled water

Logic : The chilled water will put out the digestive fires and create imbalance in the digestion ( Have you seen dropping water on a hot skillet ? What happens ? The same thing happens when we drink ice cold water ) If not seen ,try it amd then start practicing

* Drink water whenever you feel thirsty

Logic : Whenever your body demands for water give it ,your daily demands are met or satisfied when body has sufficient amounts of 💧. STOP when the thirst is not there . The colour of your urine is a clear indicator

If it’s dark yellow,your body needs more water and is acidic ,needs to be hydrated

If the color of your urine is light or pale yellow or white ,the body doesn’t require much hydration.

Your parched lips can be a sign of dehydration

* Drink hot water in the morning

Logic : helps to clean the bowels , flush out the toxins from the body

* Don’t drink between meals and drink water after 30 or 40 minutes of each meal

Logic: Drinking water between and just after the meals disturbs the process of digestion , The heat released in the process gets cooled down due to drinking water

Drink water before meal and in between if you wanna drink water ,you can have buttermilk ,lemon juice to have a replacement

These quite simple yet effective tips which if followed by all can give us so many fruitful and everlasting effects




* Drink hot water in the morning and without brushing your teeth as our saliva has lot of antibiotic properties in it


A New Normal

#An unwanted guest(contd.)

18th March 2021

Today 6 months have completed since my surgery .

After ,I came back from the hospital things have changed so much .I was not like the one I went to hospital 😕. For each and every activity, I became dependent be it bathing ,picking things from the floor and many else ….. The main thing, I missed badly was the touch, feel ,hugs of my little one .I was not able to play with him .

I had a radical nephrectomy and a hysterectomy together. As I mentioned in recent blogpost . It was difficult for me to sleep ,walk sit and eat . My eating patterns have changed. I can’t eat according to taste now , little I used to eat and more the pain .

But ,I thank God for making me alive 🙏. My heartfelt thanks to my Family who was all there for me every time . It was a golden time as I polished myself making full use of it – reading books, taking online counselling sessions ,attending workshops ,writing articles, thoughts , etc • Volunteered for so many and most important I got a gala time to spend with my Mom which perhaps I couldn’t be able to

I have now started taking good care of my overall health •

Now ,today six months have passed and my PET scan has came normal and my doctor advised me that I can lead a normal life

But this is a New normal for me as I still feel the discomfort, pain ,weakness and I know it will gradually decrease with passing time •

I want to recommend to you all that Please take care of your health whether its physical or mental as this is the most important thing which is with you •

The most important lesson I Learnt is Heaven helps those who act


Nobody wants to hear your aches and pains

Whenever someone passes through a bad phase ,it goes through different types of changes whether its physical ,social or emotional and which not handled properly can lead to other disturbances too •

Self pity is an acid which eats holes in happiness


This quote gave me a lot of strength and I always look towards life with an affirmative approach

Written by me

If you keep complaining about your illness to yourself and others ,after a little you will notice that nobody is interested in listening to your woes • So , its your problem and you face it ,So why not happily and smoothly ॰ I know it’s not easy but not that difficult and impossible !

Let’s face it !!

When it comes to complaints about illness , the principle of escalation usually rears its ugly head

Let me make you understand how it works , you tell your friends ,nears and dears about the illness you went through ,they might interrupt you and switch the conversation and take you to their own old stories

People love to play this game – Their pain is always worse than yours

But a piece of advise to you

Whenever someone around you goes through a bad phase ,an illness etc ,listen to them lending an ear ,a supporting hand helps thousands to heal

Everyone don’t know how to regulate their emotions •

I am blessed ,faith and gratitude for what I am and I know –

Nothing is permanent and O follow the simple rule of TTT


Each and every situation comes in life for a better reason and for a better change



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